What to expect post surgery?

Post Surgery Care & Recovery Tips While considering plastic surgery, it is essential to keep in mind about the post-treatment changes and recovery. Experts at Hyderabad Plastic Surgery Group have reasoned out some important factors you expect post-recovery, after a plastic surgery procedure.

Recovery Time

Some plastic surgery procedures take only a few days to recover while others can take weeks or sometimes even months. Your plastic surgeon will guide you before the procedure for you to know what to expect after the surgery and what precautions you need to take to avoid any complications. It will have an impact on many your regular lifestyles, such as your job, attending parties or outings. So it is essential to speak with your plastic surgeon and understand all aspects of getting a plastic surgery procedure done.

Pain Management

Usually, after non-invasive procedures, patients will feel a mild pricking sensation following laser treatments.Applying an ice pack can give temporary relief from the itchy feeling. You can get back to regular activities in most cases. But when it comes to surgical procedures, certain types of procedures including facial surgery, the pain is minimal, easily recover within few days. Surgeries that involve the body, breasts arms or thighs, etc., can be more sensitive, and the physician prescribes painkillers and other required medication.


The skin is usually sensitive following a plastic surgery procedure. As a part of your regular skin-care routine, you must avoid sun exposure and apply a good sunscreen lotion to protect your skin and to prevent any risk of pigmentation. It is also important to avoid deep heating activities like saunas and exercises that bring excess perspiration because they can cause skin irritation that could lead to further complications of the skin.


Other lifestyle changes that contribute to better skin and overall health include the importance of keeping oneself hydrated. The importance of water is a universally known fact, that it regulates the natural body processes. Water helps our body heal, maintains the body temperature, flushes out toxins from the body and is critical for the functions of our skin. Water keeps us hydrated inside out, which is very necessary immediately after any treatment.

Also, a healthy diet of whole foods and exercise are not only good for health as a whole but also good for skin health. An antioxidant-rich diet that includes lean meats, vegetables and fruits is key to healing and achieving a healthy glow.

Post Surgery Healing Tips

Rest and reduce activity immediately after the treatment, to subside any swelling and avoid any stress to the operated area.
Ask your doctor about medicines to reduce pain and keep an ice pack or a cooling agent handy, to help you get relief.
Avoid exposing your skin to excess heat, chemicals and sun. Use sun protection lotions, as well as gentle moisturisers and cleansers, with your doctor’s prescription.
Have a balanced and healthy diet and drink lots of water to improve and speed up the healing process.