Skin Flaps HyderabadA skin flap is used to cover any wound that leaves a visible scar or deformed look. It consists of skin taken from an adjacent area and grafted on the defect/injury. These scars or defects could be due to an injury or can occur because of the removal of skin lesions that develop as skin cancer.

A skin flap covers the scarred or injured area and depth of the wound. Although it is transferred to another area of the body, it still continues to get blood supply from where it was initially taken. This continues till the new blood vessels grow from the wound that was filled with the skin flap and heals properly.

Benefits of a skin flap surgery

  • A skin flap supplies tissue of a similar appearance and thickness to the tissue that is removed.
  • The final cosmetic result after getting a skin flap is usually of a better quality than the original skin graft.
  • Skin flaps heal faster than skin grafts.