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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Plastic surgery has always been a debatable topic in the area of medical science, with regard to a number of misconceptions about its postoperative effects in the long run. Some of the many misconceptions have some truth, while the others are completely false.

Listed below, are top 8 myths about plastic surgery that you might want to clarify your doubts on:

Myth 1: Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are one and the same.

Plastic surgery includes cosmetic surgery as a part, but they are not one and the same. Plastic surgery also includes reconstructive surgery. It focuses on repairing any birth defect or damage from trauma or disease. Cosmetic surgery focuses more on making you look better what you naturally are.

Myth 2: Breast augmentation is done to lift droopy breasts.

Breast augmentation does not lift droopy breasts It enhances the size of the breasts. Droopy breasts can be best addressed by having a breast lift surgery.

Myth 3. Liposuction is a simple way to lose weight.

Liposuction helps in getting rid of the excess fat, but it is not a surgery that helps in weightloss. Your cosmetic surgeon will advise you to lose as much weight as possible before you consider the surgery. It is important to be as healthy as you can before the surgery and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle after the procedure.

Myth 4. Only the wealthiest get plastic surgery (Nope)

Not really. Although the procedures fall under slightly pricey in nature, the general public is still willing and able to spend money in spite of their economic status for the sake of their self-confidence and presentability.

Myth 5. Facelifts completely remove fine lines and wrinkles from the face and around the mouth.

A facelift only tightens the muscles that have lost their elasticity under the skin. It cannot completely remove fine line and wrinkle. However, a facelift surgery improves the look of the face by reducing the skin that has started drooping.

Myth 6. Results of plastic surgery last forever

Ageing as it is a natural phenomena. Plastic Surgery does not cure ageing completely. Plastic surgery can help you recover from any injury or defect but the body still continues to age. So your plastic surgery results will not last forever.

Myth 7. Cosmetic surgery is only for women.

Women do have the majority of cosmetic surgeries designed for them, but with the advancement in this area of the medical system, these days more men are choosing these procedures to enhance their looks.

Myth 8. Most people who seek cosmetic surgery have psychological issues.

With the advancements in research and technology, studies have shown that individuals who choose cosmetic surgery for right reasons feel good about themselves. Having a healthy lifestyle, positive attitude and realistic expectations from cosmetic surgery could make sense for you.