Lower & Upper Limb Injuries Surgery in Hyderabad Major limb injuries involve various components of the limb formation such as skin and soft tissue, vascular, osseous, and neural elements which are responsible for precise evaluation and management for optimising functional outcome. In major limb trauma, the major question is whether to restore or amputate the injured limb.


The complex injury would mean that the bone and muscle is also damaged along with the skin and tendons which hold the muscles to bone. So along with skin and its blood vessels that are its blood supply that is given by the arteries, and waste blood carried by the veins, are all repaired by the surgeon and bone that is damaged under this injury is repaired by an orthopaedic surgeon .this is a complex injury.

Upper Limb Injuries

Rotator cuff tears are a common source of shoulder (upper limb) pain. Treatment recommendations are different from surgical repair of the torn tendon(s) to rehabilitation and recovery. Methods of treatments are different for every patient.

The decision on how to treat rotator cuff tears is based on the patient’s severity of symptoms and functional requirements, and presence of other illnesses that may complicate treatment. Rotator cuff tears increase in frequency with age, are more common in the dominant arm.

Lower Limb Injuries

Patello-Femoral Dysfunction, Groin & Hamstring Strains, and Runner’s Knee are some of the most common lower limb injuries among athletes. These can also occur in non-athletes for various reasons, and one reason could also be the degeneration of bones or arthritic conditions. These injuries can be very debilitating ranging from pain in the foot & ankle to the knees and the hips.