Hospital Or Clinic Surgical Facilities Available

Hospital or Clinic Surgical Facilities Available at HyderbadHyderabad Plastic Surgery Group offers outpatient surgery facility and care, at all their centers. Starting from basic consultations to the diagnosis and the procedure, all the services that are necessary for personal care, and attention of the patients are available. Listed below are the unique facilities available at all our clinics.

Personal Room & Nurse

A private room with all amenities, and nurse service to attend to the patient’s needs and care during the surgery and post surgery will be available.

Fully Equipped with Daycare Services & Life Supporting Medical Facilities:

Hyderabad Plastic Surgery group runs clinics that have been uniquely designed with world class amenities for daycare help as well as life support systems which are used during surgical procedures. The diagnostic procedures, lab facilities, pharmacy, etc., are all available for the patient’s convenience.

Advanced Equipment:

The surgical tools and other medical equipment, including the implants, medicines, injectable, etc. that are used during the surgery are all standardised and internationally accredited equipment which are specially designed for complicated procedures like trauma cases and reconstructive plastic surgeries.