Hernia Surgery in Hyderabad Hernia repair is an abdominal wall reconstruction is a complicated surgery to correct abdominal weakness caused by recurrent hernias. Typically, the first thing people opt for to treat a hernia is general surgery. However, if the repair fails after one or more trials, an alternative solution should be considered. In cases where traditional repair methods fail due to scar tissue or an abdominal wall catastrophe, a more involved approach may be required. In those circumstances, plastic surgeons perform an abdominal wall reconstruction to restructure the abdomen at the time of closure.

Abdominal wall reconstruction requires moving abdominal tissues like fat and other structures to redistribute abdominal muscles. This repairs and strengthens the midline closure. Patients report they feel as if they are wearing a girdle or belt after everything is tucked in as the musculature is restored as close to the midline as possible. This helps to neutralize the reasons for hernia breakdown and makes a satisfactory solution more likely.

In order to keep all the internal organs in position mesh must be placed and if more than one attempt is made it becomes a difficult case and would be handled by a plastic surgeon. Apart from the traditional meshes, bio meshes can also be used.