Skin grafting is a surgical procedure done to restore a part of your body that has lost its protective skin layer, due to trauma or any severe illness.

The Surgery involves:

Skin Grafts Surgery Skin grafting involves surgical removing of the skin from one area of the body and placing or transplanting it, to the area of the body that needs it. Most skin grafting surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia throughout the procedure.

Common reasons for a skin graft include:

1. Large, open wounds
2. Deep burns
3. Skin infections
4. Bed sores or skin ulcers that haven’t healed well


The donor site from where the skin graft has usually been taken heals within two to three weeks, but the recipient site takes a bit longer to recover. You’ll need to avoid doing any activities that could stretch or cause stress on the graft site for at least three to four weeks.