Trunk and genitals are the most sensitive areas of the human body. While talking about reconstructive surgeries for the trunk, lower body and the genitals, it could also refer to cosmetic treatments that involve improvement of the person’s physical appearance as well.

Apart from just improvements, many require corrective surgeries and reconstructive treatments. These procedures could range from a simple scar revision treatment to a reconstructive surgery of the damaged or infected areas of the body. Trauma injuries and cancerous infections also are a huge part of reconstructive treatments. These may include life threatening mishaps like fire accidents, road accidents, flesh abuse, and rapid infection growth that could turn into gangrenes.

Gangrenes usually result in amputation of the affected part. Most common amputations involve the foot, ankle, hands etc. While the surgeries are being done there are various parameters that need to be taken into consideration. These include:

  • Shape and position of the wound
  • The severity of the infection
  • Other areas that are affected by the infection

Management of mangled extremity

A mangled extremity is a limb with an injury to three of four systems of the body. In most cases of such injuries, there is a requirement to salvage or amputate the infected or injured limb, and reconstructing the amputated part. Managing mangled extremity requires a combined expertise in trauma, vascular and plastic surgery.