Burns Surgery in Hyderabad Burns occur with devastating consequences. Although it is difficult to undo any accident involving burns, appropriate and timely treatment can help reduce the effect of these consequences. Burns can be life-threatening injuries. They can cause fluid and electrolyte disturbances, respiratory failure, renal failure, or sepsis which can lead to death. Depending on the depth of the burn, it can even cause some amount of scarring while healing. While it is not completely possible to remove the scarring, it is possible to reduce the suffering of these patients to a great extent. Various surgical methods like skin grafts, tissue expander flaps, etc. are available as corrective surgeries. These procedures might also require a series of surgeries in a gap of few months to return a fairly better external appearance for the victims.

There are two main categories of burn surgery:

Acute burn care occurs immediately after the trauma. It is delivered by a team of Trauma Surgeons who specialise in critical burn care. Complex burns often require consultations with Plastic Surgeons, who assist with the inpatient and outpatient management of these cases.

Reconstructive burn surgeries are usually done after the initial burn wounds have healed. A Plastic Surgeon usually provides this kind of care. Reconstructive burn surgery aims to improve the function and the cosmetic appearance of the victim’s burn scars.