Breast Lumps Surgery in Hyderabad Lumpectomy (breast-conserving surgery) or partial mastectomy is a surgery to remove cancer from the breast. Unlike a mastectomy which is the total removal of the breast, a lumpectomy involves removal of only the tumour, and a small rim of unaffected tissue around it.

With lumpectomy, the breast looks as close as possible to how it was before the surgery. The original shape of the breast and the nipple area are usually restored. The only drawback is that it may leave the breast with a bulge, or imperfection near the surgical area. After a lumpectomy, the breasts are likely to differ in size with a slight unevenness. This is a common reason for many women to choose breast reconstruction surgeries after a lumpectomy.

Advantages of having a bilateral breast reduction or lift along with a lumpectomy:

  • Allows a significant amount of tissue to be removed, which is helpful in cases where a tumour is large or when there is a concern about the ability to get negative margins.
  • When a larger amount of tissue has to be removed, performing a matching procedure on the other breast provides better symmetry.
  • Surgery is completed before radiation, so you avoid the risks of wound-healing problems that can occur with a post-radiation surgery.
  • Relief of symptoms of large breasts, if this was a problem before surgery.

The treatment of breast tissue that has undergone breast lump surgery is that a small dent may be filled in with fat tissue from another area of your body (usually belly or buttocks). This is called lipofilling. A large dent might also be filled in with tissue from your belly, buttocks, or back. A treated breast that is much smaller than the other could be made bigger with an implant; the larger breast also could be reduced and lifted to achieve symmetry. If there are areas of firmness or scarring due to radiation, they often can be removed and then replaced with fat injections or tissue taken from another area.This procedure is done so that the female feels much better and can get out of her low self-esteem.