Medical research, especially in the area of plastic surgery, has been pushing boundaries of the health care system and making it easier for the masses to understand what is possible and what isn’t. With this dynamic advancing of technology, hospitals across the world are constantly upgrading their equipment and services, to offer the best treatment options.

These days surgical equipment for any treatment procedure has become a notable requirement in every hospital/ clinic. Hyderabad Plastic Surgery offers a range of cosmetic treatments and recommends plastic surgery, on the basis of a thorough examination of the patient’s need for a particular treatment. With the best USFDA approved equipment and modern clinical technology like Microsurgery, Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction, and Laser Surgeries, etc., specialists at Hyderabad Plastic Surgery Group ensure accuracy in treatment diagnosis, surgical process and the postoperative facilities & care.

Advanced Microsurgery

Advanced Technologies in Hyderabad Microsurgery is putting small arteries or veins together or nerves/ coaptation. Move tissue from one place to the other. You’re moving the tissue free from one place and placing it somewhere else and sewing the tissues into the small blood vessels. Commonly microsurgery is used for breast reconstruction, facial reconstruction after trauma, to cover wounds, etc.

Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction:

Ultrasound Assisted liposuction, is a painless surgical procedure with high-pitch sound waves to convert the fat into liquid in a specific area of the body before it is removed. It is primarily used to remove unwanted fat from areas that are difficult to remove fat from. These areas are commonly the chin, neck, cheeks, knees, calves, and ankles. An ultrasound assisted liposuction is an advantage for patients who require a more defined body contouring.

Laser Surgeries:

Laser surgery uses laser radiations instead of using surgical tools, to cut out damaged or diseased tissue. For example, in a soft-tissue laser surgery, the laser beam vaporizes the soft tissue with a high-level of water content. Laser surgery is also used to treat bleeding blood vessels and helps in skin tightening, removal of wrinkles, birthmarks, sunspots, tattoos, etc.